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Segregation of Duty SOD using Invontec’s InSCAN

Predefined ruleset covering majority of SOD scenarios provide Instant health check to business

Key Features

  • Predefined SOD rule set For SAP standard modules.
  • Scan The existing roles in system.
  • Generate Conflict checker by user and Role.
  • SOD analysis results Will be categorized by priority
  • Conflict Checker provides analysis of SoD conflicts based on combinations of transaction codes
  • Pre-defined Rule book Based on SOD and industry best Practice

Key SOD Controls

  • Authorization or approval.
  • Custody of assets.
  • Recording transactions.
  • Reconciliation/Control Activity.

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"eTAPP" For All Your Business Needs

Effortless access to meeting schedule from your personal Device - Using SAP ID

Single tap access to join the training session via provided meeting application.

Fiori UX to provide same user interface as standard application.

Device Independent

Ready to give your business a boost?

Let our industry trained and SAP certified experts show you proven industry-specific solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP.

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Invontec is an IT services company and specialist in SAP and Process Automation Engineering, we bring 20+ years of successful SAP expertise to help you with

SFDC Salesforce

As a Salesforce services provider, We will keep your Salesforce solution stable and help it evolve in line with the changing sales, marketing and customer service needs.

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Training Management Using : eTAPP

Manage Mid scale to Large scale training program using mobile App

Key Features

  • Overall progress of training visibility with just one click.
  • Visibility of various front at one place,
    i.e trainer level , trainee level , entity level.
  • Manage and publish schedule.
  • Attached and release training material.
  • Request for evaluation of each session.
  • Manage own schedule.
  • Access training material.
  • Attendance through the app.
  • Log questions and feedback.
  • Control and manage access control.
  • Installation and Mass data load support.
  • Tested and proven with 3000+ users.

Services we offer

Complete end-to-end business automation and technology services to meet your business needs.