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invontec Umbrella

Making in Transition to Enterprise-Ready ERP

We Provide Solution for Every Need

From implementation to support, we work closely with you to ensure seamless, successful projects, every time!

  • Implementation

    50+ successful implementations using SAP certified Accelerated SAP or ASAP model of implementation.

    ERP Implementation
  • Customization

    Customization is all about tailoring SAP Business One ERP software to match specific needs of the customer.

    ERP Customization
  • Support

    Consistent training, upgradation and dedicated support to ensure a smooth transition.

    ERP Support
  • Managed Services

    End-to-end services for Disaster recovery, Server management and hosting

    ERP Managed Services
  • Migration

    Seamless migration to SAP HANA or any newer SAP versions.

    ERP Migration
  • Business Process Mapping

    Detailed requirement gathering and gap analysis.

    ERP Business Process Mapping

Invontec Group

Where it all began

  • Invontec
    • Key Focus SAP S4 HANA
    • Business Intelligence
    • RPA Robotic process automation 
    • AMS (Application Managed Service)
    • SFDC , .net
  • Invontec
    Pvt Ltd
    • Key Focus SAP S4 HANA
    • Business Intelligence
    • RPA Robotic process automation 
    • AMS (Application Managed Service)
    • SFDC , .net
  • Invontec LLC
    • Key Focus SAP S4 HANA
    • Business Intelligence
    • RPA Robotic process automation 
    • AMS (Application Managed Service)
    • SFDC , .net
  • Invontec PH/MY With Partners
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    • India : +91 9813154549
    • Singapore : +65 90021506

Quest for Excellence

Our Quest for excellence led to the creation of an IT conglomerate that spans multiple geographies, industries and business verticals. invontec today is a fast-growing IT company with a headcount of 150+ employees, offices across India and a global footprint.

Quest foe Excellence

"eTAPP" For All Your Business Needs

Effortless access to meeting schedule from your personal Device - Using SAP ID

Single tap access to join the training session via provided meeting application.

Fiori UX to provide same user interface as standard application.

Device Independent

Services we offer

Invontec is an IT services company and specialist in SAP and Process Automation Engineering, we bring 20+ years of successful SAP expertise to help you with

SFDC Salesforce

As a Salesforce services provider, We will keep your Salesforce solution stable and help it evolve in line with the changing sales, marketing and customer service needs.

Our Services

Training Management Using : eTAPP

Manage Mid scale to Large scale training program using mobile App

Key Features

  • Overall progress of training visibility with just one click.
  • Visibility of various front at one place,
    i.e trainer level , trainee level , entity level.
  • Manage and publish schedule.
  • Attached and release training material.
  • Request for evaluation of each session.
  • Manage own schedule.
  • Access training material.
  • Attendance through the app.
  • Log questions and feedback.
  • Control and manage access control.
  • Installation and Mass data load support.
  • Tested and proven with 3000+ users.

Services we offer

Complete end-to-end business automation and technology services to meet your business needs.