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S/4HANA Transformation and Implementation

Leveraging the capabilities of the next-generation SAP S/4HANA business solutions suite, our Enterprise Transformation specialists can help you transform operational performance across finance, supply chain, customer relations, and other key functions.

We help you migrate from legacy database systems to the SAP —either on premises or in the cloud empowering data-gathering and analysis, enabling dynamic real-time reporting, and leveraging new insights for better decision-making. Our user-friendly, design-thinking principles for SAP deployment can allow you to scale up capabilities to address your evolving business needs.

Invontec delivers high business value S/4HANA solutions to enterprises. We can accelerate your S/4 HANA journey by providing full-lifecycle, integrated SAP S/4HANA enterprise services, including:

  • Business case development
  • Enterprise architecture advisory services
  • Roadmap and strategy development
  • Solution design, build, test, and implementation
  • Change management and training

Many Successful Implementations

We works on SAP certified Accelerated SAP or ASAP model of implementation. With a team of certified SAP consultants, we have undertaken many ERP implementation and global rollouts.

sap erp implementation

How we do it?

  • Analyze

    Analyze business processes and key requirements. Ensure consistent communication and collaboration to gain organization-wide clarity, budget and timelines.

  • Build & Implement

    Install and configure application with minimum business disruption and zero risk. Perform software configuration, system and integration testing.

  • Transition & Support

    Help your business climb the learning curve with timely and robust support. Assist in the smooth transition from a project-oriented, pre-production to a successful live operation.

Case Study: Hana Migration POC

Service We Offer

Invontec is an IT services company and specialist in SAP and Process Automation Engineering, we bring 20+ years of successful SAP expertise to help you with

Let one of the best ERP consulting companies discuss your key requirements and help you capture new business opportunities with one of the top erp solutions.

Open-source ERP is an affordable and flexible Enterprise Resource Planning solution specially designed for SMEs with publicly available source code. It allows companies to access the system for free, customize the same, and pay only for the modules and features they need. It also takes into consideration the future growth of the company and allows easy scalability and upgrades in the system without any disruption.

SAP is the leading ERP software for the management of business processes. It centralizes the data management in an organization and mitigates business complexities by rendering the users easy access to real-time data across the enterprise. With seamless deployment methods (on-premise and on-Cloud) and licensing options, SAP ERP helps companies to design a roadmap to streamlined business processes. It provides the organization with endless benefits, including enhanced productivity, improved customers’ experience, automated business processes, and more that ultimately lead to high ROI.

SAP ERP software integrates the critical facets of business processes from inventory management to manufacturing to sales and customer relationships and provides the users with a single source of truth. It helps leaders gain greater visibility and control over the entire business with time-tested insights anytime, anywhere. With in-built business intelligence, it also creates meaningful reports with predictive analysis on business forecasts; thus, helping leaders make smart business decisions, faster.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to a type of software used by organizations to automate and streamline their core business processes including finance, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, sales, and CRM. A complete ERP suite ties together multiple business functions and regulates the exchange of data between them, thus, rendering accurate, error-free, and duplication-free data to the users. The connected workflow and unified data center help leaders make insights-driven business decisions.

Ready to give your business a boost?

Let our industry trained and SAP certified experts show you proven industry-specific solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP.

Services we offer

Invontec is an IT services company and specialist in SAP and Process Automation Engineering, we bring 20+ years of successful SAP expertise to help you with

SFDC Salesforce

As a Salesforce services provider, We will keep your Salesforce solution stable and help it evolve in line with the changing sales, marketing and customer service needs.

Our Services

Training Management Using : eTAPP

Manage Mid scale to Large scale training program using mobile App

Key Features

  • Overall progress of training visibility with just one click.
  • Visibility of various front at one place,
    i.e trainer level , trainee level , entity level.
  • Manage and publish schedule.
  • Attached and release training material.
  • Request for evaluation of each session.
  • Manage own schedule.
  • Access training material.
  • Attendance through the app.
  • Log questions and feedback.
  • Control and manage access control.
  • Installation and Mass data load support.
  • Tested and proven with 3000+ users.

Services we offer

Complete end-to-end business automation and technology services to meet your business needs.